About me

Who am I?

My name is Giulio Pierantoni, my online alias is often Baud, when available. I am just a guy who likes to explore computers and anything that has to do with them, especially in the field of offensive security, which I have been studying on my own for some time, and in this blog it’s pretty much all I’ll be talking about with a few exceptions.

You can contact me in multiple ways if needed, just consult the Contacts page for info. I hope you find some of my content interesting or useful, I’m always open for feedback and glad to talk with people with my same interests.

What kind of content will be posted here?

Offensive security will always be my number one focus, I will be covering anything that picks my interest but something I can guarantee for sure will be present are writeups for HackTheBox challenges or from any other CTF platform I try. I will also be posting general notes and guides on the topics that I experiment with, so basically this blog is also useful for myself to have a place where to backup what I do (much better and fancier than Evernote).

A slightly different topic that might pop up here and there is ROM hacking of old handheld Nintendo consoles such as the GameBoy and the GameBoy Advance, since it used to be one of my hobbies and I have accumulated quite a few notes in the course of the years. If you’re not interested in it I can’t really blame you.

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